BA (Monash), MMus (Memphis), DMus (Melbourne), Grad Dip (Sydney), AMusTCL

May 2014 (Photo by Peter Barlow)

M with big smile
My beautiful son MATTHEW
October 13, 1982 - August 27, 2016
- will love you always.

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The arts not only enrich our lives, but also grant us the opportunity to challenge accepted practices and assumptions.
They give us a means of protest against that which we believe to be unjust; a voice to condemn the brute and the bully;
a brief to advocate the cause of human dignity and self-respect;
a rich and varied language through which we can express our national identity.
The arts are not a luxury. They are as crucial to our well-being, to our very existence, as eating and breathing.
Access to them should not be restricted to a privileged few. Nor are they the playground of the intelligentsia.
The arts are for everyone and failure to include everyone diminishes us all.
Richard Attenborough 1994


Recordings Of The Year 2007
Brenton BROADSTOCK (b. 1952)
Good Angel's Tears - Journeys through light and dark: Symphonies 1-5 redball
Krasnoyarsk Academic SO/Andrew Wheeler (rec. 1999)
redball ETCETERA KTC 2026

‘Broadstock does not place elitist obstacles between himself and the listener. His music speaks direct from the heart to the heart.
Stunning golden work radiating a sense of kindly exaltation with a blazing kinetic forward pulse.
Not newly released but a magnificent and vividly living achievement which I urge you to hear.
If you like to be sparing with your musical adventures then make this the set you buy in the near future.’
Rob Barnett (Classical Editor)