Over the past few years I have interviewed and filmed colleagues and friends and edited the footage to create documentaries about their life and work. While I have pieced the footage together and 'composed' the narrative, their stories are in their own words and are elucidated by recordings, photos and video.

Thus far, there are five documentaries:
1. JULIAN YU - Australian/Chinese composer (VIDEO to come)
Julian 2013

2. STUART GREENBAUM - Australian composer (VIDEO to come)


3. SYZYGY - Australian contemporary music ensemble (VIDEO to come)

2015-09-17 22.10.50

4. DON FREUND - American composer and my teacher (Click on YouTube logo to view)

YouTube-logo-full_colorFreund cropedit_2

5. JUSTIN BRADSHAW - English artist who lives in Italy (VIDEO to come)

Justin - self portrait with hoodie