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Good Angel's Tears - Journeys through light and dark: Symphonies 1-5
Krasnoyarsk Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andrew Wheeler
Etcetera Records (KTC 2026 2001) double CD
(available at www.amazon.co.uk)
Symphony # 1 - Toward The Shining Light
Symphony # 2 - Stars in a Dark Night
Symphony # 3 - Voices From The Fire
Symphony # 4 - Born From Good Angel’s Tears
Symphony # 5 - Dark Side

good angel's tears
“Broadstock does not place elitist obstacles between himself and the listener.
His music speaks direct from the heart to the heart. Stunning golden work radiating a sense of kindly exaltation with a blazing kinetic forward pulse. Not newly released but a magnificent and vividly living achievement which I urge you to hear. If you like to be sparing with your musical adventures then make this the set you buy in the near future.”
Rated as one of the Recordings of the Year 2007 by Rob Barnett of Music Web International

In The Sunshine

Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra cond. Benjamin Northey
‘Hush Live in Concert’ Collection 14 (Hush014) 2014

Timeless - The Orchestral Music of Brenton Broadstock
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ola Rudner
ABC Classics Australian Composer Series (476 8041 2005)
(available at shop.abc.net.au or www.buywell.com)
Festive Overture
The Mountain
Federation Square
Symphony # 4 - Born From Good Angel’s Tears

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My ABC Classics CD

Toward The Shining Light - Symphony #1
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra/Richard Mills
Toward The Shining Light (ABC Classics CD 426807-2/4 1990)
Toward Shining Light

Festive Overture
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra/Jorge Mester
Classic Choice (ABC Classics CD 4386112 1993)
Classic Choice

Festive Overture
Australian Youth Orchestra/Yakov Kreisberg
Live On Tour (AYO CD 1994)

Away In A Manger
Australian Youth Orchestra/Graham Abbott
Christmas Under Capricorn (Tall Poppies CD TP016 1993)
Away in a Manger

Federation Flourish
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra/ Markus Stenz
Music For Federation (ABC Classics 461 830-2 2001)
Federation Flourish
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra/ Markus Stenz
The Stenz Collection (ABC Classics)

Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra/Ola Rudner Alchemy
Australian Composer Series (ABC Classics 476 156-2 2004)