Much of the information below has been discovered through hard work by several of my distant relatives - THANK YOU!
(Charles) Len Broadstock
Helen Bastable - please see her excellent webpage
Shirley Haas
Elizabeth Janson - please see her excellent webpage
Christine Hobbs
Donna Gordon
Marita Fredericks (Thomson)
Bill Scanlon (wife is Raelene nee Broadstock)
Mavis Melton (nee Broadstock)
Linda Mussell (nee Broadstock) - see her family tree at bottom of this entry
Peter Rankine (second son of Laurel Mavis Broadstock, only daughter of Hurtle Joseph)
Ross Goonan (his mother was June Broadstock, sister of Len)
PLEASE refer to the excellent

I have added more information and tried to make chronological sense of it all leading to my own family here in Melbourne. There are many inconsistencies in the records or because of the use of the same name in different generations and branches of the family. If there are more Broadstocks or relatives who have information to add to, or clarify that given below, or if I have misinterpreted any information please let me know. Use the contact page on this website.

I was surprised to discover that my great-great grandfather, Joseph (father of George, father of Henry) was a convict in Tasmania and an owner of several hotels in Melbourne before starting the Broadstock line in South Australia.
Some information about the origin of the Broadstock name - taken from
This interesting name combines two of the major elements which made up the
Old English and Anglo-Saxon social life. It derives from the elements "Brade" which has a general meaning of "Broad", but in this case is associated with "Stoc", (a place), and implies "the big house" or more probably the Council Chamber or even Market Hall. If such a place as "Bradestoc" existed, this does not appear to be the case now, and it must therefore be considered as one of the estimated seven thousand plus "lost" medieval villages. The name recordings include William Brodstock who married Mabell Wichelawe at St. Dunstans, Stepney on November 30th 1607, whilst on July 23rd 1690, Anne Broadstock was christened at the church of St. Katherine by the wardrobe, London, in the reign of William and Mary (1689-1694). The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Henrie Brodstok, which was dated June 15th 1607, married Dorcas Snowde at St. Mary Woolchurch, London, during the reign of King James 1 of England and V1 of Scotland, 1603 - 1625.
This surname is derived from a geographical locality. 'of Bradenstoke.' a parish in the Diocese of Salisbury. The abbreviation was an early one. Simon de Bradestok, Oxfordshire. 1273. Hundred Rolls. (Prior)de Bradenestock, Wiltshire, ibid.(Prior) de Bradestok, Oxfordshire, ibid.1674. Baptised — John, son of William Bradstock: St Michael, Cornhill. — A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames, written: 1872-1896 by Charles Wareing Endell Bardsley

The surname Broadstock was first found in
Wiltshire, where they held a family seat from ancient times. ’Broadstock’ has been spelled many different ways. Before English spelling became standardized over the last few hundred years, spelling variations in names were a common occurrence. As the English language changed in the Middle Ages, absorbing pieces of Latin and French, as well as other languages, the spelling of people's names also changed considerably, even over a single lifetime. Spelling variants included: Bradstock, Bradenestock, Bradenstoke, Bradestoke and many more.

WILLIAM Broadstock,
Married SYBEL BAYLY at St James, Duke’s Place, London in 1690

WILLIAM Broadstock,
Married MARY HATHAWAY at Broadwell, Gloucestershire in 1740
daughter ANNE b1765 in Middlesex

ROBERT Broadstock, of All Saints West Bromwich, born 1740
Married MARY ASHAL (b1740 West Bromwich) on 3 November 1760.
Four children:
1. WILLIAM b 1761 d 1814 Christened 24 May 1761 IGI C010243 Married in 1785 IGI M010242 (SEE BELOW)
2. SUSANNA b12 May 1766 Christened 1766 IGI C010242
3. SARAH b 1769 Christened 15 May 1769 IGI C010242 Married 1792 to James Vinrace (b1760) IGI M010242
4. JOHN b 25 October 1772. Christened 1772 IGI C010242

WILLIAM Broadstock
b1761 d 1814 Married 7 Mar 1785 to
Rebecca Grice (born & christened 1763) at All Saints, West Bromwich, Stafford, England IGI M010242
Children: Elinor b1786
George b1788 d 1836 West Bromwich (SEE BELOW)
Humphrey b1791 West Bromwich Married Phoebe Birch (b1795) in 1819 at St Mary’s Handsworth, Staffordshire
John b1793
James William b1796 d1866 BMD 18416 Married Sarah Wheeler (b1802 d1868) in 1826 at St Matthew’s Walsall, Staffordshire
John b1827,
Hannah b1829 Birmingham,
Rebecca b1830 West Bromwich married in Tipton 1851 to George Sheldon (1827-1898) - children; James Sheldon b1851, Mary Ann Sheldon b1854, Matthew Sheldon b1856, George Sheldon b1859 d1931, John E Sheldon b1862, Matthew Sheldon b1866, Sarah A Sheldon b1867, Martha Sheldon b1870
Mary b1833,
Ellen b1838,
Sarah b1840,
James b1841,
(see reference
Jemima b1844,
Biddy b1845,
George b1846 d1847
William b1797
Sarah b1806
Isaac b 1811
William b1812 West Bromwich d 1895 in Nimba, Liberia - presume he worked in the iron mines? (did the other William die at birth in 1797??)

b 1788 Christening: 9 Nov 1788 All Saints, West Bromwich, Staffordshire (IGI C010242), d 1836
married in 1811 at St Mary’s Handsworth, Staffordshire (IGI M098671) to
JEMIMA (Moore) b 1792 d 1870 (Deaths March quarter 1870 - Jemima Ann Broadstock, age not given, at Auckland Vol 10a page 126. The district of Auckland is in the county of Co. Durham)

George Broadstock and Jemima’s children were christened at All Saints, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England. Her surname does not appear in the 10 christening records but other records show it to be Moore
early-broadstocks---one-is-jemima-b1843early Broadstocks c 1850s - possibly Jemima with the younger Jemima and two brothers?

Ten Children:
1. WILLIAM Broadstock b1811; Christening: 19 May 1811 West Bromwich; d June 1895 Warwickshire (V. 6b, Pg. 511),
Married Sarah Richards (b1813 according to marriage record) in September 1842 at All Saints, Staffordshire
Christening records are confused for Sarah: There is a christening listed for a Sarah Richards at All Saints, West Bromwich, Staffordshire on 19 Apr 1812 – but this cannot be the same one if she was born 1813! Parents are James Richards and Anne (maiden name not given).
ALSO a christening for a Sarah Richards, parents James and Mary, listed at All Saints, West Bromwich, on 12 May 1816.
ALSO Sarah Richards christened All Saints, West Bromwich on 25 Apr 1819 to James and Anne. (Same as James and Anne? Did the other Sarah b: 1812 die?)

Sarah was blind when she died in December, 1895, age 76 (V. 6b, Pg. 536).
Both William and Sarah Broadstock died in the Highfield Work House in West Bromwich.

1861 census - RG9/2025 f85 p20+21 sch.107
Address: Moor Street, West Bromwich
William BROADSTOCK, hd, mar, 50, carter, bn West Bromwich
Sarah BROADSTOCK, wf, mar, 48, bn West Bromwich
Jemima BROADSTOCK, dau, 18, nail carter at Iron Foundry, bn (c 1843?) West Bromwich
Humphrey BROADSTOCK, son, 9, b1852 West Bromwich (SEE CENSUS BELOW)
Joel BROADSTOCK, son, 7, b1855 West Bromwich (SEE CENSUS BELOW)
Joseph BROADSTOCK, son, 3, bn (c 1858?) West Bromwich.
(see reference

1881 census RG11/2044 f56 p3
Address: 26 Moor Street, West Bromwich
William BROADSTOCK, hd, mar, 70, carter, bn W.Bromwich (his birth date is confirmed by this census ie he was born in 1811)
Sarah BROADSTOCK, wf, mar, 68, bn West Bromwich

1881 census RG11/2844 f56 p3
26, Moor Street, West Bromwich
Joseph BROADSTOCK, hd, mar, 24, mill furnace man (I), b1857 West Bromwich - this the SON of William
Annie BROADSTOCK, wf, mar, 19, bn West Bromwich

This the SON of William -
1881 census RG11/2843 f53 p46
Address: 9B, Bromford Lane, West Bromwich
Humphrey BROADSTOCK, hd, mar, 29, Bundler Iron works, West Bromwich b1852
Sarah BROADSTOCK, wf, mar, 28, West Bromwich b1853
Sarah BROADSTOCK, dau, 7, West Bromwich b1874
William BROADSTCOK, son, 5, West Bromwich b1876
Isaac H BROADSTOCK, son, 3, West Browmich b1878
Jemima BROADSTOCK, son, 7mth, West Bromwich b1881

This is the SON of William -
1881 census RG11/2842 f62 p50
Green Street, West Bromwich
Joel BROADSTOCK, hd, mar, 26, Bolter down at Iron Works, b1855 Dudley Port (next suburb to West Bromwich)
Prudence BROADSTOCK, wf, mar, 26, bn West Bromwich b1855

2. JOSEPH Broadstock b.4 May 1813 Christened: 12 Feb 1826 d1883 Salisbury, South Australia
(the beginning of my family - see below)

3. SARAH Broadstock b. 08 May 1815 Wes Bromwich Christening: 12 Feb 1826 Marriage 1832 d 1896 West Bromwich

Broadstock b. 25 Oct 1817 West Bromwich Christening: 12 Feb 1826 d 1897 Barrow in Furness
Marriage in Tipton 1839 Thomas Archer (1817-1890) - children: Lucy Ann 1840-1907, William 1843-?, Mary 1845-?, Thomas 1847-1909, Jemima 1849-?, Rebecca 1854-?, Sarah 1856-1925, Richard James 1860-?

Broadstock b.19 Jun 1820 Christening: 12 Feb 1826 d 1827 buried All Saints West Bromwich

Broadstock b.10 Dec 1825 West Bromwich Christening: 12 Feb 1826 d? Marriage 1853 Elizabeth Coxon - son: James 1853-?

Broadstock b. 31 Dec 1825 West Bromwich. Christening: 12 Feb 1826 d1903 Manchester Married Sarah
NOTE: did this Humphrey go to Melbourne on the ship Montiego and end up in a ‘Destitute Asylum’ aged 59? He was a resident of Wallaroo SA.
(see reference

George b 1893 Wigan d 1984 Wigan. Was a collier and served at Gallipoli. Married Lillie Riley (1893-1972). Son: Keneth b1929 Manchester d 1969 Wigan (cancer). Married Margaret Hart b1929
55745b28-5b3d-4d8a-bc04-3b8469421aa5George Broadstock b1893


8. JEMIMA Broadstock b 1827 (her burial record says she was born in 1843 and the 1861 census confirms this as she was 18) Christening: 14 Oct 1827??
Married John T. Olarenshaw in September 1837 (so she must have been born before 1827!!) and produced three children: Jemima, Sarah (Shirley Haas' maternal grandmother) and George. They migrated to the USA - John T. Olarenshaw went to the USA in 1880. John T. Olarenshaw, son of Will & Eliz Olarensahw, died in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 17, 1908. There are four newspaper articles from the Cincinnati Library on John T. No mention of Jemima because the article was on John's death in 1908. He was the head of the Plumb Street Rescue Mission; he became an evangelist after 1880 and thereafter "saved souls".

Jemima Broadstock Olarenshaw and her three children (Jemima [married Riddiford – their daughter, also called Jemima married Basil Pollitt], Sarah [married Thomas William Ashforth from Birmingham], George) migrated to the USA in 1891; John T. Olarenshaw went to the states in 1880 and called for Jemima to come.
Jemima, daughter of William. & Sarah Broadstock, died in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 11, 1912 and was buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio

9. JOHN Broadstock b 1831 West Bromwich Christening: 24 Apr 1831 d1911 West Bromwich. Marriage 1853 Mary Bamford (1846-?)
Children: Sarah (1875-?), Amos (1877-1917), John (1879-?), Ann Maria (1882-?)

10. MATTHEW Broadstock b 12 Feb 1833 Christening: 18 Aug 1833 d? Married Sarah Jane Budd (1840-?).
George Thomas (born England 1867 d1901 mining accident age 34 in Lake View Consols Mine Boulder WA)
Matthew Henry (1868-?)
George Thomas married Susannah Sarah Strickland at Coolgardie WA in 1897 - two children
Esther Mary b1899 and
George Matthew b1900 in Boulder, Western Australia
Susannah Sarah married again (when George died) to William James Leslie at Coolgardie WA 1902
Esther Mary married William Owens at Perth in 1927

pasted-graphica possible ‘photo’ of Joseph Broadstock?
born West Bromwich, Staffordshire, 1813, Died (of ‘senile decay’) Salisbury, South Australia, October 22, 1883 (buried in St John’s Church of England, John St, Salisbury). His profession is listed as “gentleman”.
His death notice in the South Australian Advertiser (Monday October 22 1883) states he died on “ the 20th of October, at Salisbury, after a long and painful illness, aged 70 years. An ‘old colonist”.

Joseph Broadstock’s death certificate

He was born 1813 to George & Jemima Broadstock, of West Bromwich, Staffordshire. The family was recorded as 'living on the Heath' or 'from the heath' or similar. Their occupation was given as 'nailers' ie nail makers - hand-making nails at home as a cottage industry (seven members of the family are listed as having this occupation).

On January 2, 1833 he came before the Stafford Quarter Session charged with stealing (from a nursery) and assault (amusingly, for some time, the abbreviations were taken as 'stealing an ass'). He was convicted and sentenced to 7 years transportation and was to be transported on the ship Isabella from Plymouth on July 11, 1833; its sailing was delayed until July 28th while an outbreak on board of cholera cleared. There were 300 ‘passengers’
Convict Number 8188, Surname Broadstock, Given Name(s) Joseph
Ship Name Isabella (1)
Departure Port - Plymouth, Departure Date 28/07/1833, Arrival Date 14/11/1833 (also noted as March 11, 1834)
Conduct Record CON31/5, Indent MM33/2, Description List, Muster Roll, Other Records, Appropriation List CON27/6

On the Tasmanian record there are references to things like 'disobedience', 'dumb insolence' and 'neglect of orders', and a sentence of 3 days tread wheel in 1834 for ‘neglect of duty’ and a further 4 days tread wheel in 1836 for ‘insolence and disobedience of orders’, and that he was “not to be again assigned to Sandy Bay having found bad connections there”.

Joseph received his 'Ticket of Leave' on December 29, 1837 (announced in the Hobart Town Courier)

Joseph's transportation term expired on January 2, 1840 (announced in The Hobart Town Courier and Van Diemen’s Land Gazette Jan 3, 1840)

On February 10, 1840 he is listed as being aboard the Joshua Caroll (a 60 ton schooner) going to Port Phillip from Launceston. He does not appear in the Convict records in Melbourne; he may well have had his name removed, as he could not have done and achieved the things he did in later life if it were known he was an ex-convict.

H. John Lewis in his "SALISBURY South Australia - A History of Town and District" has him going "free" from SA to Port Phillip in 1842. In 1843 he married Elizabeth Moro (Moss?) in St James Cathedral.

There is only one entry in the Vic BDM's pre 1888, that relates to Joseph. He married in 1843 in Melbourne (St James) to Elizabeth Moss (The printed records say Moss but the signature on the Marriage certificate looks more like Moro), cert no 4760. His marriage certificate was also filed in Sydney (no. v1843 796 27c C/E St James) as Victoria then still belonged to NSW. He is an early arrival in the Port Phillip district. No children to him are located, nor death for either he or his wife pre-1888, nor marriages. Only one entry in the Vic BDMs altogether. No other information in NSW or Tasmania records.

In 1845-6 he was the owner of the 'British' Hotel in Queen Street. In 1847 the Port Phillip directory lists him as a lodging house-keeper in Queen Street; and in another as Lodging House keeper in Collingwood, Possibly he also had the “Travellers Rest" in that area.

Joseph Broadstock was a publican in Melbourne in 1844 Source: newspaper titled: The Melbourne Courier. (J.Fawcett collection) edition date: Saturday Sept 21st 1844.
"Court of Petty Sessions. Saturday 14th Sept 1844. Removals:
Joseph Broadstock, of the Derwent Wine Vaults, Collingwood, to the premises formerly known as the New Town Hotel. The bench would inspect the premises between then and Wednesday, but would make no promises. "

In Sept 1844 Broadstock was running the Derwent Wine Vaults in Collingwood, and he was applying for a license for the New Town Hotel.

The Index To Publicans, ARGUS Newspaper, by Marion Button, tells the following (the date refers to the edition issue, and any of these references might be for license renewals, transfers, cancellations etc):
Joseph Broadstock,
Printers Arms. 27th Jan 1844
Derwent Wine Vaults New Town 7th May 1844
British Hotel. Queen St 26th Aug 1845
British Hotel. Queen St 10th April 1846, 7th July 1846, 16th July 1846
Travellers Rest, Collingwood 4 Nov 1846

The Electoral Roll Index by Marion Button (the date refers to the Argus newspaper edition):
Joseph Broadstock Queen Street, Burk Ward 9th Sept 1845 - 25th June 1849
He resided from Sept 1845 - till at least 1849 in Queen Street in Melbourne.

The 1847 Port Phillip Postal Directories (Mouritz) tells that Joseph Broadstsock was a lodging house keeper, in Queens Street (Melb City Central).

In addition to his hotels Joseph seems to have become a businessman as he travels back to Tasmania several times buying various items such as cigars, oats, a pig and horse and also to do work on Crown Land (references below)

According to The Melbourne Argus August 18, 1846, a 'Mr Broadstock' left Melbourne on the steamer Shamrock on August 14, 1846 bound for Launceston. (
He arrived in Launceston on August 17 (announced in the Colonial Times August 21, 1846) He exports '1 case cigars’.

Records state that Joseph left Launceston on September 9, 1846 bound for Port Philip aboard The Swan. (

Mr ‘James’ Broadstock arrives in Melbourne on the brig, Swan, on September 19, 1846 from Launceston. (We have to assume that this is Joseph returning and they have printed his name incorrectly as there is no other record of a Broadstock in Tasmania at this time. OR is it a different Broadstock as there is a birth record for James Matthew (bOct 4, 1874 Green Plains SA ) son of JAMES and Susan Champion)

Broadstock’ arrives in Melbourne by ship on July 1854 from Liverpool on the SS Monteagle. NOTE Information thanks to Ross Goonan - This is most likely the son of George and Jemima Broadstock. He married Susan Chapman and was the father of James Matthew born in 1874 and died in Broken Hill. (solves one of my mysteries below)

James Broadstock was born c1830 d March 18, 1882 Kadina (

Melbourne Argus April 6, 1847 a Mr J Broadstock arrived in Melbourne from Launceston on the brig, Skerne, on April 1. He imported 49 bags of oats, 1 pig and 2 horses. (When did he go there??) I presume this is Joseph?

J Broadstock arrives in Melbourne on March 15, 1848 on the steam ship Juno. I presume this is Joseph? OR is it James?

Mr J A Broadstock applies for a license to 'de-pasture stock, to strip bark and to cut timber on Crown Lands during the month of June 1847' in Western Port.

What happened to his first wife, Elizabeth (Moss or Moro)?? (Thanks to Christine Hobbs for the following bit of detective work!)

A 'Caution' notice in the Melbourne Argus February 23, 1847 says:
The public are hereby cautioned against giving credit to my wife, Elizabeth Broadstock, she having left her home without provocation. Public notice is also hereby given, that any person receiving or detaining property clandestinely removed by her from my premises, will be prosecuted according to law. JOSEPH BROADSTOCK. Melbourne , 23rd February, 1847.

On November 6 1847, 'Mrs Broadstock' leaves Melbourne on the cutter Mary for Port Fairy (via Warrnambool).

A reference to Elizabeth Broadstock occurs in the The West Australian July 13, 1886 - a Court Notice concerning an altercation with Mrs Mews. Elizabeth is described as 'a very respectable married woman'.

September 7, 1886 ‘James’ Broadstock puts a notice in the West Australian:
Notice is hereby given that after this date I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by my wife. Dated at Perth this 7th day of September 1886.

Was this referring to Elizabeth also? But if so, why was she married now to James?? (This ‘James’ must be the same one as referred to above arriving from Launceston, that is, Joseph. But why was he using the name James?)
In 1848 Joseph surfaces in Adelaide marrying Mary Ann Hamly, describing himself as a bachelor (did he get a divorce from Elizabeth?), and a cattleman.

Did he sell the British Hotel and put his money into cattle and take them overland to Adelaide?

On April 24, 1860 a 'Mr Broadstock' arrives in Adelaide from Melbourne on the steamer Havilah (
If not Joseph (he was married in Adelaide in 1848), who is this?? Maybe Joseph had done some business in Melbourne and was returning?

The Land Office records in Adelaide revealed over 250 land and property transactions. Joseph become quiet notable in the history of Salisbury, perhaps only second to John Harvey. He was associated with numerous early hotels around Adelaide and had built the Govenor Mcdonnel Hotel in Salisbury; was the Chairman of the Yatala North Council, and was involved in the establishment of schools, church building committees and the like. He was certainly a "go getter" with an eye to the best chance.

He owned or was licensee of a number of hotels, was involved in a great many land deals, figured prominently in the development of Salisbury, and was a J.P.

In 1856 he ’purchased 20 acres east of the section (2190) adjoining Harvey subdivision.’ (

September 3, 1858 writes to the editor of the SA Advertiser complaining of being mis-represented in a court case. (

In 1858 he donates 10 pounds sterling to building fund of St John's Anglican Church in Salisbury (

October 14, 1858 reference to a Broadstock Bridge in Salisbury (

In 1859 he was Chairman of the Yatala District, SA (South Australian Advertiser July 26, 1859)

March 22, 1859 he gives evidence in a robbery and is described as a 'timber merchant'. (

April 19, 20 & 21, 1859 advertises to sell a 'public-house' and 80 acres. (

May 27, 1859 he is noted as a member of the Central Road Board (

October 11, 1859 he was raising money for the Admella shipwreck and relief fund

February 14, 1860 he chairs a meeting to make nominations for state parliament (

married Mary Ann Rebecca Hamly Feb 16, 1848
(There is an article in The South Australian Genealogist titled ‘Joseph Broadstock: A South Australian with a Convict Past’ Vol. 22, No. 1, 1995, pp22-23)
The details recorded on the marriage certificate are: Marriages in the District of Adelaide 1848, No 1066. Trinity Church February 16 - ‘Joseph Broadstock age 34, cattleman bachelor’
Mary Ann Hamly 18 spinster (note no e). Minister James Farrell (or perhaps Farrett or Jarrett) Signed Joseph Broadstock, & Mary Ann Hamly (X her mark) & signed by Witnesses Nicholas Hamly & Elizabeth Hamly (X her mark)’
(Mary Ann died June 26, 1867 aged 40 and was buried at St John Anglican Church, Salisbury with Joseph)
joseph-0026-may-ann-broadstock0027s-headstone002c-salisburyJoseph & Mary Ann Broadstock's headstone, Salisbury

Was Joseph also married to Elizabeth Eaton Braynard? They had a daughter Mary Ann Rebecca b Sept 23, 1874 at Para Plains!


1. (John) Joseph Broadstock (Junior) b1848
There is reference to Joseph in the Northern Territory gold rush in September 1880 (
Married Elizabeth Henderson at Christ Church Adelaide 13.9.1870. She was 19, daughter of Thomas Henderson, She died 2 years later (aged 21) at Kalkerbury near Kadina 1.8.1872.
One child:
Ellen Mary Ann b 4.7.1871 Para Plains, Adelaide (died at 8 months) mother was Elizabeth Henderson

Joseph (Jnr) must have re-married (after Elizabeth died) to Elizabeth Carlton
One child:
John Joseph Carlton b July 22, 1874 Adelaide d Feb 13, 1959 in Peterhead (mother Elizabeth Carlton)
married Feb 10, 1896 to Ottilie Justine Emilie Lehmann aged 23, daughter of John Henry Lehmann at the residence of B P Randell, in Mannum. Ottilie died in 1955

Agnes Elizabeth b July 20, 1896 Nildottie SA
Martha Elsie b Nov 30, 1897 Nildottie
Sophia Emily 1899-03-06 at Swan Reach - her married name was Brennan
John Edwin b Feb 25, 1901 Lyndoch d May 26, 1950 (buried Cheltenham Cemetery, SA) Bristol SA. married Clarice Blanche Cornish b 1900 d Jan 1950 Adelaide (buried Cheltenham Cemetery, SA)
children: Desmond Roy b Feb 5, 1928 Adelaide d Sept 1958 (buried Cheltenham Cemetery, SA)
Rae Dawn b Feb 5, 1928 Rose Park - I am presuming they are TWINS!
Arthur Joseph 9/12/1902 Lyndoch d 9/28/1903 Barossa aged 1 year
Hilda Lucy 4/15/1905 Murray Bridge
Walter Henry 1907 - 4/14/1908 aged 14months
Roy Frederick b July 23, 1911 Lameroo SA, d Aug 25, 1971 age 60, wife Elizabeth Blanche d May 26, 1995 aged 83, both buried at Lameroo Cemetery - children were Brian and Heather? 1939 Electoral Roll - living in Lameroo. He was a mechanic.

2. GEORGE Broadstock b April 19, 1853. d Oct 29, 1921 Wallaroo (Twin to Amos) (He is the start of MY FAMILY - see below)

3. AMOS Broadstock b April 19, 1853 Salisbury (Twin to George) d 1918 Mildura

Amos’ family. L-R Back: William, Lillian, James, Nettie. Centre: Ellie, Amos, Charlotte, Hilda. Front: Frank, Harry (Henry Herbert), Albert

Amos' house at Minlaton was burned down on January 8, 1885 (
George and Amos were singers according to a newspaper report in The South Australian Advertiser 15 July 1871!
Amos married Charlotte Hannah SMITH (b. 13 June 1856 d 1938).
8ca81079-60af-4355-bdfb-ced242d6467cCharlotte Hannah SMITH
10 children:
1. Edith Hannah b 22.10.1876 Adelaide d 25.12.1959 married William Graham Gamble in 1897
4 children:

Doris Margaret Gamble 8 Sep 1898 - 19 Jun 1967 wed 24 Apr 1921 to Percival Daniel Richards 1890 - 2 Oct 1973
Edith May Gamble May 1900 - 24 Nov 1901 drowned
Constance Lilian Gamble 18 Apr 1902 - 24 Jul 1978 wed 1920 Charles Grant Taylor 31 Dec 1893 - 22 May 1981
William Graham Gamble 19 Feb 1904 - 30 Jun 1950 wed Alice Winifred Nevill 24 Jun 1901 - 15 Dec 1989

2. William Joseph b 25.1.1879 Minlaton d 9.11.1948 married in 1909 to Lucy Batchelor (bMay 17 1887 dJune 2 1941)
2 children:
Lilian Florence b 7 Nov 1909 married Frank S O'Neal
William Norman b 27 Oct 1911 married Oncia Kenyon

3. Lillian Agnes b 6.4.1881 Waterfall Gully SA d 19.8.1974 Ferntree Gully Victoria. Married 14.11.1900 to Robert Edmund Francis Bainbridge b1871 d Oct 16, 1834
6 children and lived in Mildura, Moonee Ponds and Ferntree Gully
lillian-agnes-bainbridge-0028nee-broadstock0029jpg-2Lillian Agnes

4. James Allen b Oct 2, 1883 Minlaton d 9.8.1976 Mildura. Married 1908 to Blanche Maud Lynch (1890-1964)
3 Children:

Allan James b Oct 6 1908 Balranald (Mildura) d 1959 Gol Gol NSW. Married Ivy ?
Lawrence Stanley b Sep 7, 1910 Mildura, d 1987 Mildura. Married 1937 Gwendoline Boden (1914-1984) at St John’s COE Merbein, Victoria - 3 children
Leslie Albert b April 21 1916 Mildura d 1974 Mildura

5. Nettie Hamley b 23.8.1886 Minlaton d 12.8.1974 Oakleigh Victoria. Married Frederick Isaac Brown on 28.5.1906
3 Children:
Vera May b Mar 21 1907
Frederick Arthur b Mar 3 1909
Albert George b May 13 1911

6. Ellie Florence b1889 Mildura d 1946 Mildura. Married in 1917 to James Patrick Bloomfield (1874-1945)

7. Frank Amos b 17.10.1892 Mildura d 13.7.1972 Mildura. Married Ethel Watson 20.6.1918
9 Children:
Colin Raymond b Jan 26 1919 Mildura d May 28 1967
Keith b April 9 1920 Mildura d 14 June 2012 Red Cliffs. Married to Hazel Hannah b 31.3.1925 d 13.7.2008 Red Cliffs
Frank b May 27 1922 Bendigo d April 20 1979
Mavis b July 10 1924 Swan Hill (served in WW2)
Kenneth b March 24 1926 d Oct 14, 1997
Stanley b February 24 1928 d 2014
June b June 17 1932 d Feb 24, 2004
Charles Thomas (Len) b June 5 1937 d Dec 20, 2008
Robert b October 16 1933 d June 6, 1941

8. Henry (Harry) Herbert b 27.9.1894 in Mildura d 26.1.1963 Yarra Junction Victoria. Married Mina Isabel Morton on 19.10.1922.
5 children:
Jean Alice b Swan Hill 24.08.1923 d18.06.2008 in Nambour Q;
Graham b Manangatang 27.05.1925;
Isobel b Swan Hill 15.07.1928 (mother of Marita Fredericks);
Mary b Swan Hill 27.02.1930;
Janette Eyre b Swan Hill 10.04.1938 (died in a car accident in the 70s)
Studio portrait of 3949 Private (Pte) Henry (Harry) Herbert Broadstock. 9th Reinforcements, 24th Battalion, of Mildura, Vic. Pte Broadstock, who is listed on the Embarkation Roll as Harvey H, enlisted on 5 December 1915 and embarked aboard HMAT Warilda on 8 February 1916. On Sept 7, 1916 he is listed in The Argus as being ‘wounded’. He returned to Australia on 13 April 1919. Harry was court-martialled on April 11, 1918 for being Absent Without Leave for 3 months while serving in Salisbury, England!! He was sentenced to 'detention for 120 days'. He was 24 years of age. The 24th Battalion served in Gallipoli, France and Belgium (but not sure if uncle Henry did!!)

9. Albert Charles b 1896 Mildura d 10.5.1954 Swan Hill. Private (1383) Albert Charles BROADSTOCK, a 19 year old Labourer from Mildura, Victoria. He enlisted on 12 July 1915 with the 8th Light Horse Regiment, 11th Reinforcements serving in Gallipoli, Sinai and Palestine. At the conclusion of the war, he returned to Australia, 10 July 1919.
10. Hilda May b 13.3.1901 Mildura d 20.8.1971 Kingston, SA. Married May 15, 1929 to Donald Taylor (1903-62)
4 Children:
Alan William b & d 1930 Mildura
Kenneth Donald
William Noel
Janet Lorraine b 1938 Mildura d1989 Kingston SA. Married Leslie Arthur Caudle (1938-2004)
1c03f833-b84e-49cb-b398-516f8abf5c85-2Hilda May & Donald Taylor 1929

4. JEMIMA Broadstock
b1855 died 1870

5. daughter ? 1857

6. JAMES HURTLE Broadstock
b1858 - d Oct 7,1907 aged 49 (buried at West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide) Married 1883 to Rebecca Ann Willett (b1855) at Kapunda Christ Church.
6 Children:
Hurtle Joseph b May 2, 1884 Salisbury d 1953, married Margaret Emily Johnson (b1890, d 1975), had only one daughter, Laurel Mavis, b April 14, 1915 Gawler, married Alfred Donald Rankine b 20.11.1913 -
3 Children:
Ada b 19.12.1886 Adelaide d1903 Maitland
Hamley William b Oct 30, 1888 Maitland d1947 married Minnie Carne (aged 34) on 19.7.1916 at Crystal Brook Methodist. Minnie died in 1964. Was a ‘manager’
Oscar Amos b 20.8.1890 Maitland, d 20.1.1921 Keswick Hospital Gawler. Occupation - printer. Served as a private (7202) in 10th Battalion in WW1 fighting at Ypres, Amiens and Pozieres (see for more information about Oscar’s service in WW1 and
May b March 21, 1893 Maitland d1911 at Gawler South
Henry George b Sept 21, 1898 Maitland d Aug 1969 Prospect SA (buried Cheltenham Cemetery, SA) married Rose Jane Denton in 1922. He was a ’saddler’
5 Children:
Ada Rose b May 1, 1923 Medindie, Adelaide d Oct 9 1997 Mitchum SA
Lance Henry b April 28, 1927 Medindie, d 28 Feb 1976 Enfield. Married Maureen Betty Palmer b1927 d 25 July 2010 Enfield. daughter Margaret d1975 (her daughter was Donna Gordon)
Joan b Sept 6, 1924 Medindie
Ronald Mervyn b Oct 16, 1928. Married Pauline Squire at St Margaret’s Woodville Oct 23, 1952
Doreen Marjorie bAug 12, 1930 Adelaide
1939 Electoral Roll Hindmarsh SA - Henry and Rose living at Frogmore Rd St James Park SA

7. WILLIAM HUMPHREY Broadstock b April 4 1861 Salisbury SA d Nov 17, 1914 Brighton, Victoria.
Married Anne Elizabeth Bean b1862 d1938 Adelaide SA
Married Grace Jones in 1889 b1864 d1952 Brighton Vic
William Henry b Feb 2, 1884 Adelaide d 1943 Henley Park married Nellie Curtis 1916 in Adelaide (1920 City Directory - William H is living at Ferguson St N Brighton)
Henry Allan b1890 Brighton d1963 South Melbourne
Eleanor Grace b1892 Brighton d1909 Brighton

8. HENRY Broadstock b Nov 1, 1862 - mother called Susan Hamley (is this Mary Ann’s sister??)

9. ELIZABETH Broadstock b1864 - d 1872 aged 8

10. ELLEN MARY ANN Broadstock d1872

11. MARY ANN REBECCA Broadstock b 23.9.1874 Para Plains. d Nov 30, 1943 Ormond Vic.
Married 1907 to William Floyd Bevan (1872-1934). Mother called
Elizabeth Eaton Braynard?

NOTE: The 11th child Mary Ann Rebecca was born in 1874 and Joseph’s wife, Mary Ann, died in 1867. So, Elizabeth Eaton Braynard must have been the THIRD ‘wife’ of Joseph.
It is possible that the 10th child (with a similar name) died at birth and was also the daughter of Elizabeth Eaton Braynard.

(Excellent resource Genealogy SA -

GEORGE b April 19, 1853 (second son of Joseph)
Married 5.11.1876 (at St Clement Church, Enfield) to Hannah Nicks aged 21 (b1855 St Thomas, Devon, d Aug 25, 1934), daughter of Philip Nicks (1822-1891) and Elizabeth Ann Williams (1825-1909), at St Clement Church, Enfield (ref 107/470), and lived at Para Plains, Salisbury, Willunga, Wallaroo Mines then at Kadina.
George was a ‘fencing contractor’.

TWELVE Children:
1. Joseph George Philip b March 6, 1877 Para Plains d 1943 Adelaide. Married c1902 to Mary Werner (b1880) - they lived at Wallaroo Mines.
Hubert Henry John b March 6, 1903 Wallaroo d Oct 8, 1904 Wallaroo
Hamily Melville (Mervel) b June 4, 1905 Wallaroo d1925
Ina May b Sept 1, 1914 Newtown d 1960
Eveline Coral b Jan 31, 1919 Newtown
Joseph George was imprisoned on April 15, 1932 for 3days for ‘default of payment of fine and costs for a breach of the Education Act’

2. HENRY HAMLEY b Feb 13, 1880 Salisbury (or Hamily or Hamly) - my grandfather (see below)

Elsie Leonora b 28.6.1881 Willunga d1947 Wallaroo. Married Edward Herbert Chandler in 1907. Edward died in 1909 and Elsie re-married in 1914 to Clarence William Opie (1879-1962)
clarence-opie-husband-of-elsie-broadstockClarence William Opie (1879-1962)

4. Alfred b 9.12.1882 Willunga d1884

Victor Hurtle b June 30, 1885 Kadina d Dec 22, 1967 Port Pirie. Married Madeline Maud Millbank (b1890) in 1906 - she died in 1946
William Hurtle b Jan 22, 1908 d 1985 Port Pirie. Married 1929 to Dorothy Joyce Chellew (1910-81) (had a son William Keith d1930, son Kevin Victor d 1931, daughter Patricia died 1932)
Doreen Alvina b June 14, 1909 Wallaroo. Married George Stanley Frankel at St Paul’s Port Pirie on April 16, 1927
Winifred Leonora b July 1, 1910 had a daughter Moreen on Dec 16, 1927 at Rose Park - father unrecorded!
Hubert Victor b Sept 30, 1911 Wallaroo d1998 Married Mavis Elsie Dempsey in 1934
1948 Electoral Roll Whyalla - living at 56 Robert St Whyalla (foreman) with Mavis Elsie (home duties)
Ethel May (Dolly) b Feb 5, 1913 Wallaroo d 1999 Port Pirie. Married 1931 to Leonard Douglas Lowe (1908-1988) and had 5 children
Wilfred Stanley b May 21, 1916 at Kadina. d July 7, 1942 Heidelberg, Vic (cause of death 'injuries'), memorial in Springvale Cemetery. Wilfred Stanley served in the 2/10th Battalion and was court-martialled on Dec 16, 1940 but not sure why!
Rebecca Mary b Dec 21, 1918
Amy Allison b Feb 23, 1921 Wallaroo Mines
Douglas Victor b Jan 26, 1927 at Pt Pirie d1994

Percival bDec 23 1887 Wallaroo d Jul 12,1969 Whyalla SA. Married in 1912 to Beatrice Myrtle Curnow bJul 20, 1892 Wallaroo, d Sep 24, 1943 on 30.3.1912 at Wallaroo Mines
Percival Lancelot b April 8, 1916 Wallaroo d 1964 at Kadina. Married Phyllis Audrey Dunn 1937 Enlisted April 8, 1942
Beatrice Phyllis b Oct 2, 1912 Wallaroo, d Dec 6, 1995 Kadina. Married Albert William Raymond Smith bMar13, 1909 Wallaroo, dMar 17, 2002 Kadina - they had a daughter Edna Valda (Smith) b1935 married Kevin Henry Blight b1936 Wallaroo Mines dOct 4, 2003 Kadina
Edna b April 30, 1914 Wallaroo. Married 1931
Lillian b May 3, 1918 Wallaroo
Mildred Jane b July 25, 1920 Wallaroo
Elsie b March 24, 1925 Wallaroo

7. Amy b 12.12.1888 Wallaroo Mines d 4.6.1949 Plympton SA. Married James Thomas Donaldson Barkell (b 18.3.1887- d 27.2.1964) on 1.12. 1910 at Kadina
Daughters: Mary Morris Elsie b19.2.1911 Wallaroos Mines - d 1994; Amy Byril b1913

8. Lionel b Oct 16, 1890 Wallaroo d Feb 9 1966 Blyth SA. Married Vera Doris May Ryan on 20.9.1913 at the residence of Henry Broadstock at Wallaroo Mines. Vera died 1950
Lionel was working at Taylor's Shaft Mine at Wallaroo in 1910
Allan Lloyd b April 22, 1914 Newtown. d 1977 Adelaide. Married in 1941
Audrey May b Sept 19, 1916 Newtown
Daphney Rose b Aug 19, 1918 Newtown
Alfred Bruce b Jan 22, 1927 Wallaroos Mines. Arrested for ‘store breaking and larceny’ 1944 (aged 16). Served in 2nd AIF - joined at Wayville Feb 1, 1945
Clement Donald d March 25 1931 SA
John (Jack) Harmer b Dec 1, 1920 Newtown d1995 - famous SAFL/West Adelaide (65 games) and VFL/Richmond footballer (33 games 1943-46. Richmond legend Jack Dyer said of him: “He was the best footballer I have ever seen”). According to the SA Police Historical Society newsletter, July 2002, Jack was an “illegal bookmaker” and received a gaol sentence (
1948 Electoral Roll Whyalla - living at 44 Cudmore Terrace, Whyalla (rigger) with Audrey Catherine (home duties)

A new book (2021) has been written about Jack, called,
The Trials of Jack Broadstock, written by Michael Sexton.
Available for sale
jack-broadstock-0028footballer0029Jack Broadstock

9. Wilfred b 29.12.1892 Kadina d1973. Married Gertrude Emily Malvina Woolcock(1895-1972) on 20.2.1915 at the residence of John Woolcock at East Moonta
They had 2 daughters and 3 sons:
Lottie Millicent Pearl b July 9, 1915 Moonta, married twice and had 1 daughter from each marriage. Married Leonard John Newcomb (b1913 d1979) in Adelaide in 1937
Leah b April 23, 1920 Jericho died at 18 months in 1921
Maxwell b May 3, 1918 Wallaroo, d 2002 married Laurel Jackson Sept 18, 1940. 1 daughter Coral (who died giving birth)
1948 Electoral Roll - living in Wannon, Victoria
67f62874-afe2-4ab0-84cf-790e9c7c06f6-3Maxwell max-and-coralMaxwell and Coral

Ivan Wilfred b May 26, 1922 Rose Park, SA d July 6, 200478619d64-7244-43f8-949c-c195da1edf1f
married Edith Eunice Riley (9.11.1922- 5.1.2007)
7 children:
Trevor Wayne b1950-d1991
Robert Dean b1955-d1972
Stephen Lance b1957 - married ? - daughter Carmen
Heather K
Alan Shane

Raymond b Sept 3, 1924 North Adelaide, died c1997 (buried at Enfield Cemetery) Married Doreen Thelma Schneemilch (1928-96). 1 daughter, Christine (Hobbs), 2 sons, ? ?

Wilfred was a private (3008) in the 10th Infantry Battalion serving in Egypt, Gallipoli and France in WW1
Gertrude and Wilfred separated in the late 1940s as Wilfred suffered post traumatic stress from WW1 (‘shell shock’) and was in an institution the remainder of his life. Gertrude never divorced him, but went on to have a de facto relationship that lasted the remainder of her life, (about 27 years) she is buried at Ardrossan. (
Thanks to Christine Hobbs for this information about her family)

10. Daisy (Dasy) b 8.4.1895 Kadina d 1974. Married 1916 in Wallaroo to Ernest Strongman (b1892 d1978 Wallaroo) in 1916
Children: Kevin - daughter Dianne

Lily (Liley) b 26.9.1897 Kadina d 1955. Married 1920 to Henry Bowyer Buik (b1891 d1978 Wallaroo)

Hubert b 26.9.1899 Kadina d Nov 10, 1900 Kadina

HENRY HAMLEY bFeb 13 1880 d Feb 19 1964
Married (aged 28) on July 29, 1908 to FLORENCE ELLA READ (b Nov 1882, d 1963) aged 25, daughter of Nathaniel Read at the Methodist Church Victoria Sq Kadina.
page31_1-2Henry and Florence 1908 (my paternal grandparents)
broadstock-granparents-1946-3-3-3-3Henry and Florence in 1946
SEVEN Children:
1. Kenneth Harry - b 23/7/1909 Kadina d1976
Married Beryl Skelton -
4 children: Shirley,
Trevor married Wendy - children: Shane, Jason
Malcolm d
Brian d1996 married Gina - children Simon

2. Jean Eleanor
- b 18/6/1911 Wallaroo d 2002
Married in 1931 Thomas Henry Victor b1907 d1979 - 6 children: Lorraine, Jillian, Doug, Ruth, Kevin and Ian.

3. Ronald Frederic
k - b 8/9/1914 - bachelor, d Adelaide 24/1/95
4. Ernest Arthur - b June 13, 1916 Wallaroo — bachelor, d Adelaide 2004
5. Mervyn Jack - b Sept 4, 1918 Newtown, bachelor, d 1/11/1991 Blackburn Vic
1948 Electoral Roll Whyalla - living at Patterson St Whyalla (labourer)

CLEMENT HOWARD — born 11/7/1920 d 26/10/2007
Valda Jean Sayers at Golden Square, Bendigo on 13/4/1946.
3 children:
Harvey James born 21/5/1948 in Hobart, Tasmania. Married Chieko Matsubayashi. 2 children: Marek, Keenan
Lynden Howard born 22/3/1950 in Adelaide, South Australia. Married Rosemary. 3 children: Daniel, Bethany, Timothy
Brenton Thomas born 12/12/1952 in Melbourne, Victoria. Married Dianne Skinner. 3 children: Matthew Brent 1982; Taryn Shay 1985; Callan Mark 1988
7. Ella Joan b Oct 22, 1922 Wallaroo, spinster, d1970, Adelaide, South Australia

Henry, Florence, (Mervyn) Jack, Ernest, Ronald and Ella are all buried in Kadina cemetery.

OTHER BROADSTOCKS - where do they fit in?

According to the newspaper The Barrier Miner (Broken Hill) November 24, 1893 a 10 roomed boarding house on the corner of Wolfram and Chloride Streets Broken Hill was burned down and one of the residents had been a ‘Mrs Broadstock’ - who was she??

James Broadstock was born c1830 d March 18, 1882 Kadina (
James H Broadstock b1890 Broken Hill - father James and mother Elizabeth M

James Matthew b Oct 4 1874 Greens Plains SA. father was James (sone of George and Jemima) and mother Susan Champion (Chapman)

Who was James Broadstock married to Susan Chatman (Champion/Chapman) (this must be James Matthew) and had a son William John on April 7, 1880 in Kadina and 2 daughters Susan Jemima b April 29, 1876 Greens Plains and Rebecca b Mar 25, 1878

Rose Jane Broadstock b1893 d Dec 1975 Cheltenham Cemetery? NO FUTHER RESULTS ANCESTRY.COM
Robert Douglas Broadstock b? dMay 1974 Cheltenham Cemetery? NO FUTHER RESULTS ANCESTRY.COM

ARRIVAL FROM ENGLAND July 30, 1929 from London on the SS Narkunda in Fremantle:
Ernest Broadstock, wife Martha, daughter Elsie Winifred and son John Leonard
Elsie Winifred b 18.1.1913 Sydney. Next of Kin Martha Broadstock
John Leonard b 25.2.1920.
Next of kin Martha Broadstock
Martha Broadstock died Sydney April 28, 1968
Elsie Winifred b Jan 18, 1913 at Sydney (next of kin - Martha Broadstock) passed her nurses exam on June 19, 1936

( b1880 d April 28, 1968
1912 - living 34 Lake Street Kalgoorlie - married (but to who?) THIS CAN’T BE CORRECT - A DIFFERENT PERSON?
1930 - living ‘Salisbury’ Military Road Bondi NSW - Married to Ernest a grocer? Daughter Muriel (born in Australia?) where are Elsie and John?
1933 - living 1 Wellington St Bondi NSW - Married to Ernest a grocer - Muriel left (died?)
1933 - living 12 Victoria Ave Woollahra (Electoral Roll)
1958 - 12 Victoria Ave Woollahra - NO Ernest
1963 - living 1 Penrhyn Avenue, Glen Iris Vic - no Ernest
1968 - died St Vincent’s Hospital Darlinghurst NSW
1977 - John Leonard Broadstock is living with Doris June, Geoffrey Ernest and Linda Jane at 7 Flood St Randwick NSW (1977 Census)

1926 - ERNEST BROADSTOCK aged 49 was ‘charged for keeping a house for the purpose of betting” in Sydney - NSW Police Gazette (different Ernest from that above!)

Ernest Broadstock (miner), Lucy Broadstock (household duties) and William Joseph (miner) - living at Barton St, Cobar
same as??
Ernest Broadstock died March 18, 1940 - his wife was Irene, children Mabel, Muriel, Elsie and John (
On Feb 14 1908 Ernest is quoted in the Barrie Miner (Broken Hill) about work conditions in New Zealand

Allen Rae b 20.3.1925 Brighton Vic. d. 13.12.2019 Wife June. Father and father-in-law of Alison and David, Ian and Jinny, Gillian and Greg. Grandchildren - Jarrod and Corrie, Elise, Daniel and Josie, Elizabeth, Andrew and Ro, and David. Great grandchildren to Hazel and Quinn.
Next of kin Henry Broadstock

Douglas Victor b 26.1.1927 Port Pirie d 25.1.1994 Port Pirie Cemetery Plot 1, grave 35. Next of kin Madeline Broadstock (daughter Julianne T Ryan?)
Douglas Victor b? d Jan 31, 1994. Buried in Enfield Memorial Park SA - Is this a different person ??
Maxwell b 3.5.1918 Kadina. Prospect SA Next of kin Laurel Broadstock
William John b April 7 1880 father James mother Susan Chatmann
Bruce Alfred b1928 d July 26, 1994 (lived in Melrose Park) Buried Centennial Park Cemetery, Mitcham SA

Desmond b1928 d Sept 1958 Buried Cheltenham Cemetery SA

1997 Electoral Roll Red Cliffs Vic
Brian Laurence Broadstock Paschendale Ave Merbien
Dianne Frances Broadstock Paschendale Ave Merbien
Jennifer Blanche Paschendale Ave Merbien
Lawrence Stanley Yelta Road Merbien
Gwendoline Yelta Road Merbien
Keith Broadstock Block 499A Red Cliffs
Hazel Hannah B Block 499A Red Cliffs
Stanley Broadstock Block 164 Stewart
Marjory Alberta Block 164 Stewart

Lorraine M Broadstock 1972 Electoral Roll Higgins (teacher) 68 Erica Avenue Glen Iris

Edith Eunice b 1923. d Jan 5, 2007. Buried Centennial Park Cemetery, Mitcham SA
Graham Leslie b ? d 1997. Buried Mt Gravatt Cemetery Qld
Hamley Mervel b? d Jan 5, 1925. Buried West Terrace Cemetery SA
Hamley William b? d Jan 8, 1947. Buried West Terrace Cemetery SA
1936 Electoral Roll Fawkner Vic - living at 3 Woodman St Fawkner (sales manager) with Minnie (home duties)
Henry George b 1898 d Aug 1969 Buried Cheltenham Cemetery SA

Humphries b? d Jan 16, 1900. Buried West Terrace Cemetery SA
Ivan Wilfred b 1922. d June 7, 2004. Buried Centennial Park Cemetery, Mitcham SA
J H Broadstock b? d Feb 7, 1891. Buried Broken Hill Cemetery NSW
John Edward b 1901 d May 1950 Buried Cheltenham Cemetery SA
John Joseph Carlton b 1875. d Feb 13, 1959. Buried Centennial Park Cemetery, Mitcham SA
Joseph George b? d Aug 23, 1943. Buried West Terrace Cemetery SA
Maxwell b May 3, 1918 Kadina. Enlisted Adelaide May 29 1940 Next of Kin Laurel Broadstock

George Thomas Broadstock (born England d1901 age 34 Boulder WA, father was Matthew, mother Sarah Budd) married to Susannah Sarah Strickland at Coolgardie WA in 1897 -
two children:
Esther Mary b1899 and
George Matthew b1900 in Boulder, Western Australia, d Sept 24, 1981. Married to Doris Edith b 1899 d Oct 11, 1986. Both buried Enfield Memorial Park SA
1936 Electoral Roll Perth - George resides at 63 Hill St Perth with Doris (home duties)
Susannah Sarah married again (when George died) to William James Leslie at Coolgardie WA 1902
Esther Mary married William Owens at Perth in 1927
Doris Broadstock d1934 in Perth WA
Henry H Broadstock d1932 Perth WA

to Donna Gordon) SEE JAMES HURTLE above - on April 14, 1915 at Murray Street, North Gawler SA, a daughter, Laurel Mavis, was born to Mr and Mrs H J Broadstock

Ernest Broadstock died March 18, 1940 - his wife was Irene, children Mabel, Muriel, Elsie and John (
On Feb 14 1908 Ernest is quoted in the Barrie Miner (Broken Hill) about work conditions in New Zealand

Donald James Broadstock (18 years old) broke out of Rockhampton Gaol May 31 1951! Sentenced to 9 months jail.

November 11, 1947 Donald GEORGE Broadstock “absconded from the Boys’ Reformatory” Magill SA. “15 years old 5’5” well built, fair complexion and hair, blue eyes”. Sentenced for ‘unlawful use of motorcycles and cars and store breaking and larceny.’

MORE BROADSTOCKS to put in place.....listed in order of birth date (from National Archives)

Ron b 1926? d 2004? aged 78 - married Pauline and had 3 daughters Raelene (married Bil Scanlon), Lorraine, Carlon; one son Jeff
Allan James b Oct 6, 1908 at Mildura (next of kin - Ivy Broadstock)

Allan Rae b March 20, 1925 at Brighton, Vic (next of kin - Henry Broadstock)
William Leslie b ? at Broken Hill (next of kin - Mary Ann Herzich, mother)

Wilfred b ? Wallaroo Mines (next of kin - Gertie Broadstock, wife) SOLVED - thanks to Christine Hobbs (see above Wilfred, son of George)
Maxwell b May 3, 1918 at Kadina (next of kin - Laurel Broadstock) SOLVED
Ivan Wilfred b May 26, 1922 at Adelaide (next of kin - Edith Broadstock) SOLVED
AMOS b1875? d March 26, 1917 buried at Etaples Military Cemetery, Nord-Pas-de-Calais France. Private in 2nd Battalion, South Staffordshire Regiment.
Married to A. Broadstock 33 Haskell St Walsall Staffordshire.

NEW BROADSTOCKS! (distant relatives?)
A family of Broadstocks travelled per the ship ANGELINA LAURO departing Southampton on 3 March 1969 under the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme
James Henry b March 24, 1928, Daphne Joan (nee Robinson) wife
Children: Steven b Oct 23, 1950, Wendy b Nov 20, 1951, Graham b Sept 7, 1955, Nicholas b Feb 6, 1963

A family travelled by aircraft departing UK on 9 April 1966 under the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme
Dennis Geoffrey born 28 November 1943; Eileen (nee Taylor) born 15 May 1944;
Child: Gregory born 5 July 1965;

A family travelled per aircraft departing UK on 15 January 1969 under the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme
BROADSTOCK Alan Ernest born 1 June 1942; Stella Lois (nee Hallat) born 20 March 1943; Lisa Jane born 19 September 1967

1940 US Census
Naomi Broadstock born 1911 Ferguson, Yell County, Arkansas
Thomas Broadstock born 1907 Ferguson, Yell County, Arkansas
Helen Broadstock born 1895, Waukegan Township, Lake County Illinois

Alva Ray (Jake) Broadstock, aged 65, of Danville died at the Yell County Hospital Arkansas Friday, April 13. He was a Native of Indiana and had lived in Yell County since early childhood. He was a member of the Methodist Church. b1897 Indiana d April 13 1962. Married to Eldora (1902-1988)
Survivors are Mrs. Dora Broadstock; two daughters Mrs. Ora Lee Haston of Danville and Mrs. Mary Jean Sims of Pasadena, Texas; and four grandchildren.
Bert Broadstock b Jan 20 1880 d Jan 6 1960. Buried Sunset Lawns Cemetery El Dorado, Kansas
Berkeley Broadstock b Aug 16, 1912 d Sept 12, 1988 Buried Memory Park Cemetery Longview Texas. Married to Edith G Broadstock (1916-2005).

Hiram William Broadstock b Jan 4, 1797 USA. d Oct 13 1870 Darke County Ohio. Married to Phebe Phillipi (1796-1855)
2 Children:
1. William b Dec 4, 1824 Pennsylvania. d July 20,1895 New Madison Ohio. Married to Lucinda (1834-1897)
Susan (m Perry Sharrit) b June 7, 1856. d Jan 19 1922. One adopted son John Voght
Johanna (m John Hickey) Feb 1, 1858. d April 24, 1937
Henry b May 1, 1859. d Dec 5,1939 Ohio. Married Laura (1865-1956).
Harry (1889),
Earl b1893. d June 1, 1976 Otterbein Ohio
Grace (1899)
Thomas b 1861. Oct 16, 1929. Married Emma (1871-1965)
Esta May b 1891 d July 1976. Married twice Ollie Schlechty and Russel Bussard
Bessie Pearl b Oct 23, 1892. d June 26, 1917. Married Jacob Beard (1884-1948)
Charles E Broadstock b May 19, 1899 Ohio d Feb 23 1966 New Madison Ohio. Buried Green Mound Cemetery New Madison Ohio. Married to Minnie Adella (1896-1991);
Cecil M b 190. d June 8, 1972
Jesse b June 3, 1865. d July 25, 1947 Ohio. Married Vora Gray (1878-1960)
Horace (1895-1993). Married Corrine (1912-1988). 1 child: Clarence E (1918-1998) Married Phyllis
Grace Marie (1900-1974). Married C Emory Martin. 3 children: Pauline (1918-2008) ??
Dale Edwin (1916-1996) 2 children: Valerie Kay, David
Lena b Nov 1867. d 1939 Indiana. Married twice: Newton Ketring and William Haifley.
Mary b May 28, 1870. d March 27, 1938. Married Allen Hartman. 2 children: Opal & Carl

2. Isaac
Broadstock b1837 New Madison Ohio. d 1905 Darke County Ohio. Married to Martha (1845-1895).
Robert F Broadstock b 1875 New Madison Ohio. d Jan 19, 1964 Greenville Ohio. Married Clara (1876-1937) (no children)
William Emery Broadstock bSep 24,1877 Darke County Ohio. d Nov 18, 1936 Greenville Ohio. Was a cigar wrapper.

Donald Morris b 1928. d Dec 16 2004. Buried Bellbrook Cemetery Ohio
Grace C b1900 d Dec 24, 1984. Buried Bellbrook Cemetery Ohio

b 1831. d Dec 9 1919. Buried Danville Arkansas. Married Sarah (Phillips)
Iva A b Jan 2, 1882. d Aug 2, 1953 Arkansas. Married Dora E (1876-1949 Arkansas)
Jerry P b Jan 8, 1910. d April 4 2003 Arkansas. Married Ina (1917-2005)

Phoeba (1877-1960 Arkansas)
John Earl b June 15, 1891 Indiana. d Jan 2, 1948 Merced, California. Married Parthenia (1895-1979)
Elmer Ray b Sept 17, 1917. d Oct 7, 1959 Merced CA
Harley Wilbur b May 26, 1920 Arkansas. d Sept 5, 1981 California. Married Martha
Tarley (twins)
Sarah and Earl (twins)

John Arthur b Feb 7, 1908. d June 8, 1976 Merced. Married to Zena (1911-2004)
Ray b 1956. d Aug 6, 1968. Buried Bellbrook Ohio
Jesse M b 1935 d 1993. Buried Bellbrook Ohio
Francis Donald b May 19, 1915. d Jane 15, 1973 Danville, Arkansas. Married Irene (1928-2015)
Donald Richard
Hester b? d Jan 9, 1807. Buried Macedon Cemetery Ohio

Fred b 1881 d 1961. Married to Kathleen. Buried Westlawn Memorial Gardens Edmonton Canada

provided by LINDA MUSSELL (nee Broadstock) and her husband Dennis

Linda Mussell-Broadstock family tree